Shopping at our Arihant always ends with a happy note! But what do you need to end your shopping experience with a Happier or Happiest note? You just need our Arihant Family Clothing Shop’s Happy Savings Card!

Happy savings Card is a half-yearly, money-saving scheme that allows our subscribed customers to be eligible for a gift voucher from us at the end of six months. The saving scheme works in the following way: For all the shoppings you make at any one of our Arihant showrooms from Apr to Sep or Oct to Mar, you are eligible for a gift voucher from us if your total shopping amount surpasses our pre-assigned value limit. For instance, if your total shopping amount for Apr to Sep is Rs. 10,000 then you will receive Rs. 500 worth Gift Voucher from us! Refer to the following picture slab for more information.

End your shopping experience with the Happiest note with Happy Savings Card from our Arihant Family Clothing Shop.